About Options Cafe

Options Cafe decided to take an entirely different approach: to excel in one area of trading — options only. Our options trading software provides an easy and efficient way to display the status of your options trades. We combine your multi-leg options into one trade strategy, making it easier to manage and monitor.

By focusing only on options trading, our robust options screener is second to none. Stop spending hours searching for quality trades. Input your strategies and goals into our options trading software, and options that fit your criteria will populate.

Options Cafe will not be a broker; we communicate with brokers on your behalf. Options Cafe supports Tradier — one of our favorite brokers for options trading. We aim to add additional brokers shortly thereafter.

Spicer Matthews, Founder

I don’t remember exactly when I made my first trade, but I do know I got hooked in August 2004. That was the month I took off work and read McMillan on Options by Lawrence G. McMillan cover to cover—and then spent the rest of the stint fervently writing a software program to scan the options market and media websites to identify trading opportunities (#goodtimes). Since then I have spent countless hours tinkering with the software to facilitate options trading.

Although the more interesting tidbits I have to share with the interwebs involve options trading and software, I do invest in (but do not trade) equity stocks and real estate and occasionally share my opinions related to longer term financial growth. I believe that trading and investing are not mutually exclusive and can be combined for more robust wealth creation.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi feel free to email me at ask@options.cafe.