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Hello Interwebs

Welcome to the inaugural blog post of Stockpeer.com. To find out more about me, Spicer, take a detour and check out the About page. To learn more about Stockpeer, read on.

I have been investing and trading in the stock market for more than a decade and developing web and mobile software for Cloudmanic Labs since I founded the company in 1998. When a person has been doing something for 10 years I usually assume that he or she has reached expert status. I am not convinced, however, that anyone can be considered an expert in the wild and wooly worlds of investing and software development—so let’s just say I have learned a thing or two. I envision Stockpeer as a forum for sharing my experience and knowledge to help others create wealth and a place to document trading research and innovations. Though I intend to baby step Stockpeer initially, I have plans for much, much more—eventually.


For now the focus of Stockpeer will be how I use custom software in my daily trading. I plan to share the results of different algorithms I have developed to gain an edge in the market, trade more efficiently, and learn how the market really works. I do not expect to talk much about high frequency trading (HFT) because it’s not really my thing. (I make this disclaimer because people often associate HFT with algorithms and computer-assisted trading.)

What I am most interested in is using software to process massive amounts of data to inform trading decisions. I tend to favor options trading; at least, I have the most to say on that topic. I might also touch upon bankroll management, real estate, and long-term equity investing.

Over time Stockpeer will expand, but initially I am broadcasting to the world whatever opinions and insights I have to offer via regular blog posts. Please bookmark this blog, add it to your RSS reader, and of course follow Stockpeer on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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