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My SPY Put Credit Spread Trades For December 2017

Options traders in December were laughing like this kid all the way to the bank! Well maybe not really. No retirement plans just yet. After a bit of a dry spell I closed 2 put credit spread trades (see table below).

TickerTypeSpreadExpire DateOpen DateClosed DateOpen CreditClosed DebitProfit / Loss
SPYPUT245 / 24712/29/1711/14/201712/08/2017$0.21$0.039%
SPYPUT246 / 24812/29/1711/13/201712/08/2017$0.21$0.039%

This month is a good example of why you never second guess your strategy. You will notice I put on 2 spreads a day apart with nearly the same strikes prices and the same expiration. Some might see this as too much risk. My strategy is based on the fact that around 11% of my trades will loss money. I never know which 11% so I just place trades if there are trades to be had. Never second guess. Build a strategy, backtest it, monitor it, and only make lasting changes to your strategy (no one off, second guessing, changes).

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