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My SPY Put Credit Spread Trades For February 2018

And the fun has started again. I thought this day would never come. Our markets have been so boring for so long -- volatility is back! Sadly I took some losses this month. Losses goes with the strategy it happens from time to time, particularly when the market tanks. The good news is once the decline starts you can pick up some good trades at high opening credits to offset the losses. 

Ticker Type Spread Expire Date Open Date Closed Date Open Credit Closed Debit Profit / Loss
SPY PUT 267 / 269 03/16/18 1/30/18 2/5/18 $0.24 $0.72 -28.16%
SPY PUT 268 / 270 03/16/18 1/31/18 2/5/18 $0.23 $0.69 -27.03%
SPY PUT 250 / 252 03/16/18 2/5/18 2/27/18 $0.35 $0.03 18.45%
SPY PUT 249 / 251 02/28/18 2/8/18 2/16/18 $0.31 $0.03 15.65%
SPY PUT 241 / 243 02/21/18 2/9/18 2/14/18 $0.28 $0.03 13.63%

If February 2018 was your first month trading Put Credit Spreads on the SPY you might not think this is a great strategy. However there is another way of looking at this. I have not had a loss in nearly 18 months. Over the last 18 months my returns have been rather outsized compared to other investment opportunities. From time to time you have to take some losses but if you have a stock pile of wins in your account you tend to still outperform (by a lot) any other traditional investments. 

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