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My SPY Put Credit Spread Trades For November 2018

Well, finally an engaging month for Put Credit Spreads. Afraid the engagement was in the wrong direction. In November we took some losses. Not a big deal since we have had so many winning past months. However, losses are never fun.

Ticker Type Spread Expire Date Open Date Closed Date Open Credit Closed Debit Profit / Loss
SPY Put 263/265 11/05/2018 10/19/18 11/02/18 $0.22 $0.03 10.67%
SPY Put 269/271 11/16/2018 10/08/18 11/15/18 $0.2 $0.4 -11.1%
SPY Put 274/276 11/16/2018 10/04/18 11/16/18 $0.22 $1.4 -66.28%
SPY Put 253/255 11/30/2018 11/20/18 11/27/18 $0.21 $0.03 10.06%

This month was a good month for learning to deal with losses. As you can see from my trades some of my positions took big percent losses. Since I trade rather small this does not matter much. Yes, it erases many months of gains but this is how the strategy goes. We call this a drawdown period.

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