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My SPY Put Credit Spread Trades For September 2017

Once again it is time for our monthly summary of trades I closed. Below are the put credit spread trades I closed in September 2017. My birthday month!!

Compared to August a number of put credit spreads closed this month. Volatility continues to be very low. When volatility is low we have less opportunities to place trades. Low volatility has 2 downsides: it is hard to deploy all your planned capital (not enough trades to place), and the premium you receive from selling the put credit spread is lower than normal (less profit per trade).

The upside to low volatility is we tend to not have losses. Personally I like low volatility times as it allows me time to build capital up to be able to float through drawdown periods. At some point volatility will increase. When volatility increases too much too fast losses can happen. I use these times to pad the possible upcoming losses.

TickerTypeSpreadExpire DateOpen DateClosed DateOpen CreditClosed DebitProfit / Loss
SPYPut234 / 23610/20/20179/8/20179/14/2017$0.22$0.039.5%
SPYPut233 / 23510/20/20179/5/20179/29/2017$0.23$0.0310%
SPYPut233 / 2359/29/20178/23/20179/13/2017$0.23$0.0310%
SPYPut232 / 2349/29/20178/17/20179/13/2017$0.23$0.0310%
SPYPut233 / 2359/15/20178/10/20179/1/2017$0.20$0.038.5%

There are lots of strategies for selling options premium for monthly income. My strategy is outlined here.

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Don't forget this is just for educational purposes. Please do not blindly follow along. You will not succeed. Learn from what I am doing. Don't be afraid to ask questions. You can email me here: ask@options.cafe.

One last note -- The Profit / Loss do not include commissions I paid via my broker Tradier.

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