We like to explore, educate, and share ideas involving options trading. Come along with us on
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  1. Short-Strangles-Risk-Graph

    Short Strangles Offer Small Rewards And Significant Risks

    The short strangle option strategy is an opportunity to profit when a stock moves sideways. Instead of just selling one call or one put, you sell one of each, which produces twice the income. But the maximum loss with this type of trade is unlimited, while the potential gain is capped at the amount of premiums received.

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  2. Dealing With Trading Loses

    My SPY Put Credit Spread Trades For April 2018

    April 2018 was a losing month for my SPY Put Credit Spread trading strategy. While these months are never fun they serve as an opportunity to remember to be humble in this trading strategy.

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  3. Spicers-March-Trades

    My SPY Put Credit Spread Trades For March 2018

    Here we explore the put credit spread trades I placed on the SPY durning the month of March 2018. This is my primary trading strategy for monthly income. By trading put credit spreads on the SPY I am typically in a trade for 23 days but no more than 45 days.

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  4. Profit Loss Volatility In The Options Market

    My SPY Put Credit Spread Trades For February 2018

    Volatility is back! Seems the day of the market just creeping up every day are over. In February 2018 the market tanked creating tons of new opportunities for entering Put Credit Spread trades. Sadly, we took some losses but in this post I explain that is not a bad thing. 

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  5. Stock Market Going Up - Trade Options

    My SPY Put Credit Spread Trades For January 2018 (or lack there of)

    In January 2018 the markets where pretty stable -- Well stable in the eyes of an options volatility trader. It was not until the end of January when the market made a turn and volatility came back into the market. I opened a few trades in January 2018 but none closed.

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  6. 112189-Oojkdc-296

    How to Trade Earnings with Straddles and Strangles

    American corporations release their earnings reports every 3 months. The data gives investors an idea of how well the companies are doing financially. If an earnings announcement contains any information traders weren’t expecting, the stock price could plummet or skyrocket, depending on whether the release is negative or positive.

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  7. Baby-2604853_1280

    My SPY Put Credit Spread Trades For December 2017

    Options traders in December were laughing like this kid all the way to the bank! Well maybe not really. No retirement plans just yet. After a bit of a dry spell I closed 2 put credit spread trades. This month is a good example of why you never second guess your strategy. You will notice I put on 2 spreads a day apart with nearly the same strikes prices and the same expiration.

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  8. Dog-2437110_1920

    My SPY Put Credit Spread Trades For November 2017

    If you are an options volatility trader November was a boring month. I opened 2 put credit spread trades in November -- none closed. We will look at these closing trades in December.

    We are in sit and wait mode. Just like this dog......

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  9. Put-Credit-Spreads-Make-Me-Sad

    My SPY Put Credit Spread Trades For October 2017 (or lack there of)

    If your an options volatility trader this is how you felt in the month of October. I was unable to open any put credit spread trades in October. Bottomline......volatility was super low! I think the market is just sort of flat waiting for tax reform. 

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  10. Tradier-Logo-Square

    Tradier and the On-Going Options Trading Software Revolution

    Tradier is a powerful brokerage API that allows non-brokers to provide broker services. Let’s talk about why Options Cafe selected Tradier as our first official partner.

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  11. Long-Calendar-Spread-Graph

    The Long Calendar Spread Explained

    Instead of trading stocks or other securities, why not trade time? The long calendar spread allows you to buy and sell option contracts with different expiration dates, with the likelihood of profiting from time decay. The maximum loss of this strategy is capped at the net debit the investment incurs at the entry point.

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  12. Stock Trader To Options Trader

    Jumping From Stock Investing to Options Trading

    Many stock traders are jumping into options trading. Options offer a fantastic way to diversify and to produce extraordinary returns. Let’s look at the key differences between options and stocks, and why so many stock traders are becoming options traders.

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  13. Calendar-Spread-Image

    How to Profit with a Short Calendar Spread

    The short calendar spread is a good opportunity to profit from a stock’s impending upswing or decline. The maximum gain from the investment is the net credit received when entering the trade, and the maximum loss could be substantial. Therefore, this option strategy should only be used by experienced traders.

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  14. Butterfly Options Trading

    Introduction to the Butterfly Spread Options Trading Strategy

    The options butterfly spread is a low-risk options trading strategy that stands a high chance of producing a small profit. The  butterfly options trading strategy uses four options contracts to produce profits off of price stable markets.

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  15. Put-Credit-Spread-Trades-September-2017

    My SPY Put Credit Spread Trades For September 2017

    Once again it is time for our monthly summary of trades I closed. Below are the put credit spread trades I closed in September 2017. My birthday month!! Compared to August a number of put credit spreads closed this month. Volatility continues to be very low. When volatility is low we have less opportunities to place trades. Click to take a look at the trades.

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