We like to explore, educate, and share ideas involving options trading. Come along with us on
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Spicer's Soapbox

  1. Lower-Your-Stock-Basis-Using-Options

    How To Lower Your Stock Basis Using Options

    Throughout my investing career, I have always applied my energies to basis reduction and not seeking discounts when buying a position in a company. I love to use call options or put credit spreads to reduce the basis of a core holding. In this post, I will share with you some of my basis reducing ideas.

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  2. Options-Growth-2

    How Successful Options Traders Generate Monthly Income

    Many people think they can quit their day job and start day trading. The truth is, most do not succeed day trading long term. There is an alternative that can generate monthly income just like you hoped to do by day trading. In this post we explore the concept of selling premium in the options market using probability-based options trading.

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  3. Emotional Trading Of Options

    How I Prevent Emotional Trading

    Over the years I have learned that there is no upside to emotional trading. The market is random, and if you try to guess what the next tick will be you will lose. In this post I walk you through designing a trading strategy that prevents your emotions from sabotaging your trading through the wildest of times.

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  4. Marker-Direction

    Directional Options Trading Is Not for Me (Typically)

    I like directional trading but for the most part directional options trading is a hobby. There is nothing better than picking a direction, applying a leveraged bet via options or futures, and watching that trade take off. Here I will explain why directional trading is just a hobby.

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  5. Engagment

    Staying Engaged in the Market Is Key

    When I first started Stockpeer I expected to mostly share my experiences trading the stock market via automation. But I find myself talking less about automation for an important reason: automation can lead to a lack of engagement—aka complacency.

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  6. Signs_Jpg_37

    Trading Futures as a Hedge

    Recently I have been playing around with something new: trading the futures market as a hedge against my options trading strategy. Why hedge a good bet you ask? Though the strategy I rely on the most—trading put credit spreads on a consistent basis.

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  7. Rpc_Jpeg_48

    The Importance of Grading Your Trades

    To start I want to point out 2 things: this idea is not originally mine, and though I talk mostly about trading I think the concept applies to all forms of investing (buy-and-hold, real estate, fixed income, and so on). From time to time I attend a meetup group.

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  8. Stockpeer_Com_47

    Trading Weekly Put Credit Spreads

    Want day trading returns without the headache of sitting in front of 26 big-ass monitors all day? You’re in luck because today we are going to discuss trading weekly put credit spreads on the SPY. The idea is pretty basic. I sell a put credit spread on the SPY that expires in 7 days.

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  9. Sab_46

    I Took a Blogging Sabbatical and Didn’t Even Get You a Lousy T-Shirt

    I’m baaaaaack! But that’s not to say I am returning empty handed. . . You did notice that I took a nearly 5-month sabbatical from Stockpeer blogging—right? The catalyst was the arrival of my second child, a dangerously sweet little girl!

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  10. Signs_Jpg_37

    Picking an Investment Style That Suits You

    Warren Buffett often says that he tap dances to work. He has found a method of trading that gets him high. I, however, would be bored to tears if I invested the way Buffett invests: I need more action, which is why I like to trade credit spreads and day trade the SPY.

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  11. Baseline_29

    What Size Trades Should You Put on When Trading SPY Put Credit Spreads?

    How much money should you risk with each trade? Trade size is one of the most important considerations of an active trading strategy, and maintaining optimal trade size over time involves technique. In this post we will examine 3 methods for determining trade size.

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  12. Broker-Comare-For-Options_33

    eOption.com - Hands Down The Cheapest Trading Commissions

    You’re just placing the same trades repeatedly, trying to rack up as many occurrences throughout the year as you can. But the more you trade, the more commissions impact your performance—which is why eOption.com is one of my favorite brokers for trading credit spreads.

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  13. Baseline_29

    Baseline Strategy for Trading SPY Put Credit Spreads

    When I got interested in trading credit spreads, like most I harbored some skepticism. A credit spread trade seemed to be the type that works—until rather dramatically it does not. Then I set off to figure out the correct way to trade SPY put credit spreads. The path was familiar: backtesting.

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  14. Water_28

    Scaling Your Investments via Overflow

    When I talk to people about my credit spread trading strategy I often hear the claim that credit spread trading works great for 5, 10, or 20 thousand dollars, but the strategy can’t be scaled up. Are these skeptics suggesting a lack of liquidity to fill bigger orders?

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  15. Delta-Table_26

    Should I Consider Delta When Opening SPY Put Credit Spreads?

    To study how delta affects an opening trade I did—of course—some backtesting. I took a $10,000 account and placed put credit spread trades from 2011 to current. I opened up spreads that were $2 wide, at least 4% out of the money, and no more than 45 days to expiration. 

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